7.4V Cylindrical lithium battery product model,18650 3350mAh

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7.4V Cylindrical lithium battery product model: XL 7.4V 3350mAh

7.4V cylinder lithium battery technical parameters (specific design according to customer requirements – voltage / capacity / size / line)

Single battery model: 18650

Packaging method: Industrial PVC heat shrinkable film

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Voltage of single cell: 3.7V
Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 7.4V
Capacity of single battery: 3.35ah
Battery combination mode: 2 string 1 parallel
Voltage range of battery after combination:5.0V~8.4v
Battery capacity after combination: 3.35ah
Battery pack power: 24.79w
Battery pack size: 20*39*67mm
Maximum discharge current: < 3.35A
Instantaneous discharge current: 6.7a-10.05a
Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c
Charging and discharging times: > 500 times

7.4V 3350mAh (3)

7.4V cylindrical lithium battery

7.4V cylindrical lithium battery

Meet the relevant national standards and requirements for batteries

All finished battery products are calibrated and tested before delivery. They can be used directly and normally.

If you need a battery with a higher capacity and a higher price-performance ratio, 3350mAh is a very good choice. The country of origin is China, and the technology is relatively mature.

China is a major producer of lithium batteries, and our batteries are exported to many countries around the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, etc., and our lithium batteries can pass local national certifications and international certifications.

When you produce a new electrical product, do you think that the battery is a very important part? I think the answer is yes. The battery may affect the performance and safety of electrical appliances. A battery with good quality and high product performance will make users less annoyed when using this product. In this regard, I think you can trust Xuan Li.

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