• Night Fishing Light

    Night Fishing Light

    Night Fishing Light The variety of night fishing lights is good for anglers. How do you choose? It is a headache for many anglers. Which is better, violet or blue light? Purple light ...
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  • Portable Nail Polisher

    Portable Nail Polisher

    Portable Nail Polisher Nail Polisher Features: 1: The machine has a generous shape, good colour matching, stylish and comfortable handle. 2: The power of the product is about 5W, ...
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  • Lithium-ion lawn mower

    Lithium-ion lawn mower

    Lithium-ion lawn mower Advantages: Wireless power, mowing convenient and fast, flexible and lightweight, trim and level, bass and noise reduction. ...
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  • Warming Belt

    Warming Belt

    Currently, heat therapy box women to relieve menstrual cramps, the main use of universal waist belt. The internal heating piece of the conventional womb warmer belt on the market needs to be connected to an external ...
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  • Visual Laryngoscope

    Visual Laryngoscope

    Visual laryngoscope is a newly developed visualization intubation system in recent years, which consists of lens, handle and liquid crystal viewable window. The operation of visual laryngoscope is the same as that of...
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  • Automated external defibrillator

    Automated external defibrillator

    What is an automated external defibrillator? An automated external defibrillator, also known as an automated external defibrillator, automatic shock, automatic defibrillator, cardiac defibrillator, etc., is a portable m...
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  • Medical infusion pump

    Medical infusion pump

    (Keyword: lithium battery for medical infusion pump) With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, medical services and medical products are improving, and traditional fixed medical equipment is constantly replaced by ...
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  • Intelligent disinfection robot

    Intelligent disinfection robot

    Hydrogen peroxide disinfection robot The hydrogen peroxide disinfection robot has the functions of autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous charging, etc...
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  • Portable Ultrasound Machine

    Portable Ultrasound Machine

    Full digital B-type ultrasound diagnostic instrument Unique reversible LCD screen, more humane user experience, the monitor can be easily and flexibly adjusted in angle, more er...
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  • Breast pump

    Breast pump

    The new double breast pump is made from BPA-free and food-grade silicone and is safe for feeding mom and baby. Adjustable multistage mode with optional comfortable breast pump Settings feels like a ...
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  • Smoke detector

    Smoke detector

    [10 years battery +10 years sensor] Built-in lithium battery can be used continuously for 10 years of smoke alarm, energy saving, environmental protection, no need to replace the ba...
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  • Electronic scale

    Electronic scale

    Specification: Platform Dimensions: 33.02cm x 34.29cm x 10.16cm Maximum capacity: 66 lbs/30 kg Accuracy: 1/3000F.S Fraction: 5g/0.01lb Power supply: AC 110V Battery: 4V 4AH/20HR, built-in rechargeable battery. Describe: This ratio is ideal for producers, meat markets, supermarkets, grocery stor...
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