Consumer electronics

  • Night Fishing Light

    Night Fishing Light

    Night Fishing Light The variety of night fishing lights is good for anglers. How do you choose? It is a headache for many anglers. Which is better, violet or blue light? Purple light ...
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  • Portable Nail Polisher

    Portable Nail Polisher

    Portable Nail Polisher Nail Polisher Features: 1: The machine has a generous shape, good colour matching, stylish and comfortable handle. 2: The power of the product is about 5W, ...
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  • Breast pump

    Breast pump

    The new double breast pump is made from BPA-free and food-grade silicone and is safe for feeding mom and baby. Adjustable multistage mode with optional comfortable breast pump Settings feels like a ...
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  • Smoke detector

    Smoke detector

    [10 years battery +10 years sensor] Built-in lithium battery can be used continuously for 10 years of smoke alarm, energy saving, environmental protection, no need to replace the ba...
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  • Electronic scale

    Electronic scale

    Specification: Platform Dimensions: 33.02cm x 34.29cm x 10.16cm Maximum capacity: 66 lbs/30 kg Accuracy: 1/3000F.S Fraction: 5g/0.01lb Power supply: AC 110V Battery: 4V 4AH/20HR, built-in rechargeable battery. Describe: This ratio is ideal for producers, meat markets, supermarkets, grocery stor...
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  • Refrigerator purifier

    Refrigerator purifier

        Live oxygen sterilization; Odor removal; Prolong preservation; Degradation of agricultural residues; Circular flow   Durable battery life, USB charging: built-in 2600mAh battery, USB charging port, one charge can be used for 15 days, no tedious charging.   "Refriger...
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  • Flashlight reverse umbrella

    Flashlight reverse umbrella

          A new generation of vehicle reverse umbrella, dedicated to vehicle design; Reverse non – wet car, from rain wet car trouble. Automatic opening and closing, easy to use, is the daily travel car necessary ideal rain gear.   Features: reverse umbrella; Automatic; Enlarged umbrella surf...
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  • Pocket cleaner

    Pocket cleaner

      Double – purpose car, large suction, small and portable.   Durable, long-term absorption without worry: 2500mAh large capacity lithium battery lasts about 30min, pocket vacuum cleaner is 2500mAh power battery.   Function features: six reforms, small and clever. 1. Filter element can be r...
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  • Live oxygen purifier

    Live oxygen purifier

      Sterilization in addition to the flavor of small shells: refrigerator in addition to the flavor, purification of sterilization, food preservation, degradation of agricultural residues   Large capacity: built-in 1800mAh battery (it keeps working by default after startup, and can be turned off m...
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  • Fruit and vegetable washing machine

    Fruit and vegetable washing machine

        In the modern people who pay more and more attention to health, many disinfection products are favored by the public, and the fruit and vegetable washing machine is one of them. Rated voltage: 5V Rated power: 8W Product net weight: 0.5kg Disinfection method: Hydroxy water ion Washing method: ...
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  • Radio frequency beauty instrument

    Radio frequency beauty instrument

      RF beauty instrument function is to use RF radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin directly, the use of impedance functions of skin when radiofrequency waves can also make the cell and molecular produces strong resonance rotation (in the orde...
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  • Finger massager

    Finger massager

      6 program modes: Serenelife Hand Massage has 5 program modes specifically for the hand. Grade 6 pressure points that squeeze pressure and strain on your hands for improvement and relief   Heating function: With heating function,...
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